Play a C next to a C# and it’ll probably sound horrible to you. You might even call it wrong or bad. The sound goes to war with itself. It clashes. But take the C up an octave, and it becomes a major seventh. One of the most beautiful chords. It’s almost too nice sounding. When we see something bad or awful, maybe we’re just looking at in the wrong octave. We just need to change our perspective a little. Countries all over the world build bombs with the goal of hurting people, instilling fear, and killing, to prove a point. To try and change your perspective about an idea. Governments everywhere even bless their bombs for this purpose. Maybe we need a different kind of bomb. Maybe a bomb that makes people love you. Maybe a cupid bomb. I believe we already have it, and it’s called music. Every country has their own version of it and it works. It changes your viewpoint by bringing each other together. And you don’t even have to know a thing about it to get it. And in the end maybe all you really did was change the octave. Music is a language, a lifestyle, and it could just save the world.
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list of things i’ll never understand…

1. you’re only 21, breaking up with your boyfriend isn’t the end of the world

2. making a big deal out of little things you have no control over

3. the appeal of smoking cigarettes

4. drinking and driving

5. crying, all the time

6. getting blackout drunk all the time

7. cheating on your significant other, then proposing to them

8. stringing people along

9. being mean just to be mean

10. being rude to people who deserve to be respected

I’m so happy all of my friends are happy, but seriously, when is it going to be my turn?

So sometimes I forget about all of the things that happened in the last four years, I forget that I had a completely different group of friends my freshmen year.  I forgot about Johnny and Ross, and I constantly forget about some of the best times I’ve had at college.  Lately everything’s been so monotonous and has been really frustrating me, but I forget about how far I’ve come.  I used to be a borderline alcoholic who was drinking to forget, I used to be a freshman, a sophomore, a junior.  I used to live in Scanlon, in Courtney.  I used to party like it was my job.  I used to be a teenager.  I used to be a lot of things that I’m not anymore.  I used to be weak, someone who thought that I needed someone else to make me happy, someone who made me feel like shit constantly.  Now I know that I can do it on my own.  It destroyed me, and made me doubt love, relationships, and everything that used to make me me.  I used to believe in love.  I used to believe in forever and now I doubt everyone and everything.  I’m so different than how I used to be.  And I don’t know what to do about it, but I don’t think I could, or would change anything, because experiences make you who you are.

People think of me as the kind of person who says exactly what I’m thinking, and I do, but sometimes I hold back what I really want to say, because if I said everything I thought, I honestly wouldn’t have any friends left.  

I hate when people talk through movies. that’s why I usually go see them by myself.

So with a thousand sweet kisses,I’ll cover you , With a thousand sweet kisses,I’ll cover you, When you’re worn out and tired,When your heart has expired Oh, lover, I’ll cover you, Yeah, Oh, lover, I’ll cover you…

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Hello, this is me.

I love kid movies.

I want to believe in fairy tales.

I can draw with my feet.

I just play the flute.

When I fall, I fall hard, then I panic, then I run.

I feel like I’m always running away from things.

I like the color yellow.

I like rainbows.

They remind me of my Nana.

She was my favorite person in the whole wide world, and I miss her every day.

I try and live without regrets.

I hate the smell of egg salad.

I love books.

I like nerdy things. Like math, and history, and science.

I went to nerd camp once. It was the best summer I’ve ever had.

I’ve experienced loss.

I’ve been cheated on.

I’ve helped someone cheat.

I’ve fallen in love. 

I’ve run from love.

I’ve learned from my mistakes.

I will continue to learn from my mistakes.

I am me, and no one can change that.